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Father God,

Thank you for creating beauty from my messes. I know that I am engaged in spiritual warfare on three fronts; the flesh, the world, and the enemy. These forces are in opposition to Your rule and authority in my life. The most adverse of them is my flesh because it is part of myself. I confess that the good I want to do I do not do and that, instead, I practice the evil I want no part of. There rages a battle within me between my deepest self in Christ and the sinful remnant of what I was in Adam. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for cleansing me in the blood of Your Son so that I can put to death the deeds of the flesh. Teach me to never trust in my flesh, deeds, and desires, but only in Your power and goodness.


Questions of Contemplation:

I encourage you to copy these questions into a journal to reflect and expound upon. Allow the Lord to bring order and clarity to your thoughts.

  • What do you feel keeps you from a deeper relationship with your Creator?

  • What is God encouraging you to do or become so that He may show His power through you?

Be blessed.

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