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In meditation you are learning to be, just be, as God created you. You are learning to be still and allow the breath of God to fill you and satiate you; to surrender your thoughts and be filled by His word.

You can use the given breath prayer during your practice today or breathe the prayer on your own heart.

Inhale: "Lord, I surrender everything."
Exhale: "Your plans for me are good."

Lectio Divina:

Lectio Divina Quote 1.1.png

What is "Lectio Divina"?

Lectio Divina is the monastic practice of Sacred Reading. It is meant to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God's Word. It dates back to ancient times when illiterate monks would sit and listen to their literate sisters and brothers read scripture.

Their purpose was not to study Scripture, but to be transformed by it; to, in the words of Thomas Keating, "think the text (but not) about the text," or to, in the words of St. Benedict, "listen with the ear of the heart."


Lectio Divina is the practice of listening to a scriptural passage without any preconceived thought or intellectual application. It is not Bible "study"; nor is it an opportunity to share or discuss theology.


It is an opportunity to quiet oneself and be receptive to God speaking through the Holy Spirit and His Word. There are periods of quiet between the readings to allow the Scripture to settle on your spirit.


I invite you to try it with me today.

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Find a peaceful place for a moment of solitude to engage the Spirit during the following meditation.

Try playing this song during your meditation: Mist - Elijah Bisbee

Track Name
Jeremiah 29.11-13.png
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