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Through these courses you will have the opportunity to read and study Scripture; to chew on it in your meditation and yoga practice and let it begin to transform you: heart, soul, mind, and body.


Read through the Devotional before moving on to the Meditation. Take the time to look at the passage in your Bible and examine it in your favorite translation. Pray over the scripture and ask the Lord what He's speaking to you through it.


Give yourself a peaceful space with solitude during your Meditation. Solitude can be an elusive thing for some, and peace even more fleeting. But even two minutes in your bathroom intentionally just being, giving yourself space to just listen for the Lord can rejuvenate your spirit and God can use even that moment of your undivided attention to restore you. This isn't a selfish moment; it's vital for your spirit, your inner-most being.


The Posture Breakdown will give you in-depth info on a posture intended to reflect the intention of the devotion. As you come into the peak posture, surrender your thoughts to the Lord and invite Him into the temple of your living body.


The Yoga Sequence will include a link to a playlist on Spotify so that you can enjoy listening to the associated worship playlist. The songs are also listed in the written outline of the sequence if you would prefer to use an alternate music app. The yoga flow videos are divided into portions based on the foundational posture (i.e. sitting, standing, table (hands & knees), prone, and supine). You can do all of the videos for a, roughly, hour-long sequence; or pick the videos that appeal to your time, space, and needs most appropriately.


Finally, we have a time of prayer and reflection. In live classes, this would typically come during the final relaxation (savasana) and portions may be included in that part of the video. Don't skip over the opportunity to give thanks for the time you received to worship today. Contemplation questions are also included and are great journal prompts to give our Father further space to speak to you.


If you have a moment and care to leave feedback, I am always grateful. 


Be blessed.


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