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Father God,

Sometimes I lose sight of You. I'm sorry. Sometimes I get ahead of You. Forgive me, Father. And when I can't see You and Your provision, I despair. Like a child that gets separated from their parent, I know You still exist, that You still love me, but I doubt that you are thinking of me, considering me in Your good plans. I know I'm wrong. You are working all things, weaving so many threads for the good of Your beloved child. That each of us may know the fullness of You. Thank You, God! Thank You for being God. Thank You for Your goodness, Your mercy, Your salvation. Thank You for never leaving me in dark places without Your light. I am so grateful. Keep me always.


Questions of Contemplation:

I encourage you to copy these questions into a journal to reflect and expound upon. Allow the Lord to bring order and clarity to your thoughts.

  • How does your definition of "prosper" and what you know of God's definition differ?

  • How are you encouraged by God's plans to prosper you?

  • What can you do today that will matter in eternity? (Clue: It can be as simple as acknowledging someone, loving someone, being present for someone...)

Be blessed.

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