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The playlist I used for timing through this sequence is provided. I encourage you to use it. Sing! Let your body feel the frequency of your worship. As you practice this flow throughout the week your body will develop muscle memory so that you may not need to listen to the volume on the video for directives, or you may want to mute it to move more freely or remain longer in your favorite postures and use the video for visual cues. This is your practice, your worship. Be encouraged to move at your own pace and in your own way.

Spotify Playlist: Grim to Grace

Yoga Flow Videos: 

To protect your joints, I am a big fan of rocking in and out of postures (or side to side) instead of holding a static pose. Move with the music.


As you explore your range of motion and alignment in each posture be mindful of joint pain (versus muscular stretching or discomfort) and back off any posture that causes pain or cramping. Find an accessible modification or alternative posture. We are all working towards greater mobility and are each in our own place in life, in the Spirit, and in our physical bodies. Do not measure your "success" by someone else's yardstick. Enjoy the journey, my friend!

~ insert video - yoga flow  - sitting/warm-up ~

~ insert video - yoga flow  - table/warm-up ~

~ insert video - yoga flow  - standing/table/sitting ~

~ insert video - yoga flow  - relaxation ~

Yoga Flow by 

Yoga Flow Sequence: 


And What Remains – Josh Garrels (6:24)

  • Simple Seat – Breath Prayer

  • Shoulder Circles w. Lateral Neck Stretch

  • Rhomboid Pulses w. Prayer Hands

  • Deltoid Stretches

  • Neck Rolls – Nodding Stretches

  • *Lateral Stretches - Twist - Seated Cat/Cow(repeat from * - opposite side)



Tremble – Mosaic (5:09)

  • *Cat/ Cow – hip/ shoulder circles

  • Thread the Needle

  • Cat/ Cow/ DD (repeat from * - opposite side)

  • Plank/ DD/ Chata/ Sphinx

  • Plank/ DD

Remember – Lauren Daigle (3:58)

  • *Lizard Lunge/ Half Split

  • Cat/ Cow/ DD (repeat from * - opposite side)

New Wine – Hillsong (4:02)

  • *Downward Dog

  • Pigeon/ Sleeping Pigeon

  • Roll to Seated Leaning Tree/ Spinal Twist

  • Lateral Stretch

  • Head-to-Knee/ Forward Fold (repeat from * - opposite side)



O’Lord – Lauren Daigle (3:29)

  • *DD/ FF/ Half Up/ FF

  • Mountain/ Chair – twist (repeat from * - opposite side)

  • FF/ Half Up/ FF/ Tall Mountain/ BB – cactus arms/ FF/ DD



Rescue – Lauren Daigle (3:35)

  • *Child’s Pose/ Updog (repeat from * - flow)

  • Hero’s

  • Modified Camel/ Camel



So Will I (100 Billion X) – Hillsong (6:51)

  • Seated Bound Angle/ Forward Fold

  • Lateral Stretch/ Twist

  • Half Boat/ Balanced Bound Angle 



Pieces – Steffany Gretzinger (5:39)

  • *Legs Up/ Solo Leg/ Twist/ Open

  • Supine Pigeon (repeat from * - opposite side)


Final Relaxation 

Heart Chakra – Beautiful Chorus (4:40)

Please Prepare Me – Beautiful Chorus (4:57)



Ever Be (Live) – Bethel (5:22)

  • Reclined Cow Face (both sides)

  • Windshield Knees – weighted

  • Neck/Shoulder Stretches

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