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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

I'm not a blogger. I don't actively follow any, though I've read plenty I've enjoyed. Whenever I've considered starting one, I've questioned the purpose of it thinking, "what do I have to say and why do I need a voice in the cacophony?"

Transparency is Hard

It's really difficult to be genuine all the time on social media. And to be honest, scary. At least for me. I want to present my best self and try to make something profound of the difficult times. I want to show the silver lining, point to Jesus in everything. But it's challenging to tell those stories and share that much of myself on FaceBook or Instagram. I fear that being overly veritable, letting my rough edges be exposed will make me less likable. And why would I do anything that would cast an ugly light on myself. I mean, it's bad enough that I'm a gun carrying, Christian yogi, that I should admit to any further transgressions?! But relationship is built on our authentic stories and community comes from relationships. Community is what our souls long for. Intimacy. Loving our neighbors and being loved in return. Regardless of the less ideal elements of ourselves.

In an effort to begin to share the more genuine bits about myself, I've decided to share some of my jots and journalings. They will be non sequitur, and follow an unheard rhythm. But maybe my words have worth and God might use them to speak to someone else. So... now I just need to learn to breathe through clicking the "publish" button.

#blogging #journalingoutloud #devotionalyoga #transparency #yourstoryhasvalue #bevulnerable

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